Gordon Ramsay Praises James Franklin’s Daughter’s Culinary Skills – Onward State

Gordon Ramsay: world-renowned chef, cultural icon, and…Nittany Lions fan?

The popular cook and TV host commented on a photo Penn State football head coach James Franklin posted of his daughter, Shola, who perfected one of Ramsay’s famous recipes.

Shola, a huge fan of Ramsay’s, had followed his iconic recipe for Beef Wellington, an English delicacy that’s a pie filled with fillet steak, coated with pate, and wrapped in puff pastry. It’s easily Ramsay’s most popular dish on his show, “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Ramsay noted Shola is a true “MasterChef Junior,” a nod to his popular television program that puts children in the kitchen and features a lot less yelling than usual. He also offered to give Franklin’s family more recipes, an offer they should quickly accept as folks are stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

Following Ramsay’s interaction with the Franklins, could he become the next celebrity to join the Penn State family? After all, in the past year, we’ve seen big names like the Jonas Brothers vibe with Coach Franklin on numerous occasions. Maybe we’ll see Ramsay clad in blue and white along Beaver Stadium’s sidelines sometime soon.

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