CamSoda Turns Its Cams To Fulfilling Your Culinary Fantasies – Forbes

Back in March when the novel coronavirus was already hinting at lockdowns that would extend into summer, CamSoda CamSodaLive to enable businesses to host live, non-porn content and monetize it. It appears the initiative has been moderately successful enough from both the monetization and participation sides, leading CamSoda to expand its CamSodaLive option with CamSoda Cooks.

CamSoda Cooks (SFW link) is a place where chefs can teach live cooking classes with a slight twist. The twist of course being cam models. Along with users, cam models will also be learning to cook, then enjoy the results of their kitchen labor together through a one-on-one virtual dinner date. Users can head to the /cooks subdomain and select one of the pre-recorded cooking classes uploaded by a chef, then proceed with a model of their choosing to a private cam cooking session.

Chefs will also be leading live cooking sessions a few times a week. While CamSoda is pressing users to utilize their new cooking skills with cam models, these skills can also be used to impress once lock-downs are lifted and we’re back to promiscuous cooking for other people and not just ourselves. CamSoda is currently sourcing chefs, both to host live cooking sessions and pre-recorded instruction. Chefs will be compensated (with money) and are encouraged to create dishes that are classified somewhere, somehow as aphrodisiacs.

With a lot of restaurants shut down, CamSoda Cooks is at least something that can create some sort of incoming cash flow for chefs willing to cook for what they know will be a precursor to some sort of sexual encounter they aren’t involved in. For models, it’s a chance to experiment with the platform and try something new with users.

“Cooking is something that I’ve definitely been experimenting with more, since I’ve been spending a lot more time at home in quarantine,” says cam model Sara Jay via email. “It’ll be fun to learn new recipes with fans and have that shared experience.”

It should be noted that this encounter is not free to the user, since the money to pay the chefs and models has to come from somewhere. Pricing varies based on what type of class the user chooses (on-demand or live), the model involved and the experience of the chef. If CamSoda is able to land a Michelin Star chef, then that will be a bit more expensive than the fry cook at the local Denny’s.

Regardless, like most companies that have been largely unaffected negatively (as far as operationally) by COVID-19, porn is doing what it can to help out where it can. The CamSodaLive initiative and by proxy, CamSoda Cooks is a good way for fledgling performers and chefs to find a revenue stream that doesn’t directly involve physically interacting with the public. For users, it gives them the same option: entertainment without rubbing shoulders with the unwashed masses.

In the case of CamSoda Cooks, users and models and chefs are engaging in a new sort of societal model that is spreading across the nation. From talk shows to how we operate at work, participating in a project or task (or just basic human interaction) via video has been a quick and strange adaptation of daily human life. While cam users and models are used to video interaction (as that was the previous business model), chefs who don’t have a YouTube channel might not be, though what chef doesn’t have at least a cooking-focused Tik Tok these days?

CamSoda Cooks is flamed up and ready for chef applications. Don’t forget to wear a mask to the grocery store to protect others from your droplets, just like you would pants.