Chef Matthew Kenney Launches Vegan Food Future Institute Online – Green Matters

Matthew Kenney is never not cooking up something new (both literally and figuratively). He tells Green Matters that he currently has about 20 — that’s right, 20 — new vegan restaurants in the works, in areas including Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood, San Francisco, Florida, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires. He’s also developing a line of plant-based frozen food, as well as another course for Food Future Institute that will be all about entrepreneurialism in the plant-based, wellness, and sustainability spaces.

With no intention of slowing down anytime soon, Kenney is confident that 10 years from now, eating vegan will be much more typical than it is today.

“I really see the food paradigm shifting to where plant-based is the norm,” Kenney says, noting how much the financial community, the media, and consumers have shifted in their support of the plant-based movement. “And that doesn’t mean the world will stop eating animals. It just means … I think plant-based will really be the way we eat, and what we think about when we think about food.”