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From skinny wine to kitchen gadget must-haves: These are the 10 top brands who can help YOU have the healthiest and tastiest summer ever

Looking to shake things up a little in the kitchen this season?

Whether you’re after healthy food inspo, hacks to make cooking a breeze, or even some guilt-free treats to indulge in this summer, we’ve collated 10 top brands who can help you upgrade your wining and dining experiences. Check them out… 

The blender with splendour 

Spending over 100 days in lockdown has transformed many of us into kitchen marvels, with more and more of us are dedicating our newfound time to cooking delicious and nutritious meals.

And naturally, to be a culinary whizz, you need all the right gadgets – and no kitchen is complete without a state of the art blender.

The new KitchenAid Artisan K400 Blender makes a stylish addition to any kitchen, and is powerful enough to blitz the toughest ingredients. 

Whether you’re making fresh pestos, hearty pasta sauces or rejuvenating smoothies, the K400 blends everything from carrots and coconuts to ice and small seeds into a perfectly smooth texture, thanks to its 1.5 peak HP motor and unique asymmetric stainless steel blades.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create great-tasting food and drinks in an instant; the perfect sidekick to your gastronomical adventures.

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Zero to hero 

Summer is finally here, and now that we’ve been granted a little more freedom, sunny days in the park, at a barbecue or on the beach with our friends and family can be enjoyed at long last.

If you’re looking to make an occasion of your new freedom, you might want to spoil yourself with some cheeky drinks during this season of fun. But treating yourself doesn’t always have to have bad consequences – for you or the environment.

Take Skinny Tonic. This zero sugar mixer has no artificial ingredients and no calories, yet packs all the refreshing flavour of traditional tonic water, so you can indulge without the guilt. 

Made with the finest natural ingredients, including the plant-based sweetener, Stevia, and fresh sparkling spring water from Staffordshire, this revolutionary drink is the perfect pairing for your favourite gin, and is just as delicious on its own or in a fruity mocktail.

Plus, it’s produced in a production plant which is working towards being 100% plastic-free, and its alumnium is fully recylcable. Cheers to that!  

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The new age of weaning 

Anyone with children will know all too well the challenges of weaning. Besides the struggle of getting babies to actually eat their food, encouraging them to enjoy healthy meals is another battle all together. 

There’s also the matter of practicality. Having baby-appropriate foods ready to go when you’re on the move isn’t always that easy, and time-strapped parents don’t always have the time to be preparing well-thought out blends that their babies will love.

Luckily, that’s where Babease can help. These handy pouches offer nutritious and wholesome vegetable meals that taste great and are easily carried around with you whatever you have planned. 

Packed with organic vegetables, these delicious pouches have no added salt or sugar, and allow your baby to try new flavours and textures in a healthy and exciting way. 

From classics such as garden vegetable risotto to more exotic recipes such as veggie Keralan curry, there are lots of delicious and nutritious flavours to make every meal time an adventure. 

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When life gives you lemons…

It’s not summer without lemonade, and one particular brand has been taking the world by storm.

Tropical Vibes’ Blue Lemonade is hard to miss with its iconic, luminous blue colouring and bright yellow lid, and thanks to its seriously fruity flavour, Britain’s younger generations are completely obsessed.

In fact, it proved such a hit that for a long time, Blue Lemonade and the four other hit flavours from Tropical Vibes – Triple Melon, Sassy Strawberry, Paradise Punch and Grape Glow – temporarily sold out across the UK.

However, they’ve made a comeback just in time for the season of sun, and you can get your hands on a bottle by visiting your local independent grocery store or Caribbean takeaway, or by ordering online via Amazon UK.

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The spice of life 

Nothing quite beats a good curry, does it?

That unique combination of warming spices, tender meats and naans is enough to make your mouth water just thinking about them. 

But having an amazing curry doesn’t mean you have to have an unhealthy takeaway. Tuk In Foods have created a selection of high protein, low sugar Indian ready meals which are produced using authentic Indian cooking methods. The result? Incredible tasting curry without the guilt.

Ideal for busy couples or gastronomically adventurous families, the range of meal pots, snacks and drinks can be ordered as Meals for Two from as little as £4, or as family packs from £45. 

Plus, they can be delivered nationwide the next day, so you won’t have to wait long for great tasting food. 

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Introducing: The world’s SKINNIEST wine 

Is it possible to enjoy full flavour wine with zero guilt?  

The world around us has changed, and we all want to live a bit better, healthier lives. So, it stands to reason that even when it comes to treating ourselves with a glass of wine occasionally, it would be nice to have an option that’s better for us without losing any of that great taste we love.

One company has made it their goal to ensure we don’t have to make compromises when treating ourselves to things that make us happy, an ethos that has inspired SL’M Wine to make the skinniest and healthiest Italian wines in the world. 

Their range of exquisite wines are made only from Champagne or premium grapes, so they taste sensational. But what makes them stand out from the crowd is that they all have zero sugar, zero carbs AND zero fats. That means you can enjoy wine without the guilt.

So, next time you indulge in a glass, you can do so while making a healthy choice that’ll put a smile on your face. Chin chin.

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Delicious meals – instantly!

From juggling our work, family and social lives, to trying to make healthier choices, finding the time and the energy to regularly make nutritious meals can be difficult. And if you also have a small kitchen, doing anything that requires too many ingredients or tools can be off putting.

That’s where the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus can help. This 10-in-1 multicooker acts as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sous vide, sauté, food warmer, cake maker AND stock pot all in one, cutting down on the need for superfluous appliances.

Not only that, but with its 48 customisable presets, it takes the thought out of cooking; more often than not, you simply need to pop all the ingredients in, click a few buttons and wait for food to be ready. Simple.

This nifty machine makes the process of cooking and cleaning for individuals and families much quicker than traditional cooking. Plus, it preserves more of your food’s essential vitamins and minerals, so you’ll get more goodness out of your meals. 

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Sunshine and eggstreme happiness 

We all know that buying free-range eggs is best. After all, happy and healthy chickens produce great tasting eggs – and investing in them helps more of these birds lead better lives.

Eggs from The Happy Egg Company, however, go one step further. Thanks to the unique blend of natural feed their chickens enjoy and their free-range lifestyle, Happy Eggs offer 28% more vitamin D than your average egg.

In light of the news that vitamin D plays a crucial part in maintaining a healthy immune system to help your body fight the coronavirus, getting enough of this sunshine vitamin is more important than ever, and it seems Happy Eggs have a very important role to play in our diets during these difficult times. 

Just two Happy Eggs contain over 94% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin D. However you serve them – scrambled, poached, or boiled with soldiers – a meal made with Happy Eggs can keep your body fighting fit and while helping keep some chickens very happy in the process.

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Fall in love with cooking again

Looking to expand your cooking horizons?

Many of us have taken to the kitchen during lockdown to put our culinary skills to the test. But if you feel you’ve peaked, or need some inspiration so you can try new cuisines, you might want to give a recipe box from SimplyCook a try.

These recipe kits comprise sensational spice blends, marinades, herbs and pastes inspired by world cuisines, so you are armed with amazing flavours to give your cooking a serious upgrade.

With over 100 recipes to choose from, boring meals will be a thing of the past. Each box contains kits and step-by-step recipe cards to cook four exciting meals. Following their recipe, just add 4-6 items from your fridge or cupboard to cook a delicious meal in around 20 minutes. 

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Gin lovers – wave goodbye to those calories! 

Is there truly anything better than a refreshing G&T on a summer’s evening?

Though sadly, as is the way with some of life’s tastiest treats, flavoured gins are often packed with sugar and are very high in calories. But enjoying your favourite cocktail doesn’t need to have these consequences. 

Minus 33 is a great tasting, low calorie ‘gin’ with a twist, as it’s made with 100% natural ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners, and with 33% ABV. Using naturally sweet botanicals, this delicious gin alternative could save gin lovers up to 600 calories per bottle compared to standard flavoured gins.

This range of spirits, which includes fruity Passionfruit & Mango, classic Juniper Berries and delicately fragranced Rose & Peony, are available for £23 a bottle, and are best served with ice and chilled, light tonic.   

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