‘Unwrapped To Go’ is an annual culinary fundraiser turned gourmet drive-thru experience – fox6now.com

MILWAUKEE —  “Unwrapped To Go” to supports SHARP Literacy’s innovative classroom and online science, technology, engineering, art and math — otherwise known was STEAM programming. Brian Kramp is helping prepare for the annual fundraiser.

About Unwrapped To Go (website)

Introducing: Unwrapped To Go, our annual culinary fundraiser turned gourmet drive-thru experience. SHARP is partnering with four noteworthy Milwaukee chefs who will collaborate on a delicious dinner using core ingredients donated by McDonald’s suppliers. Maintaining social distance is easy. Just order and pick up your meals at the event’s drive-thru “window.”

Funds generated through Unwrapped To Go will support our innovative classroom and online STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programming. Many of the students SHARP serves will face a six-month learning loss when and if they return to traditional classrooms in the fall. This programming is needed now more than ever.

“…In the interest of safety for our guests and volunteers, we needed to use the same creative, problem-solving skills we teach our students to reimagine Unwrapped in a whole new way,” said Lynda Kohler, president and CEO of SHARP Literacy. “…We are truly excited about creating a memorable and special way for the community to support SHARP at a time when it is critically important.”