Broadcast Coffee puts the focus on community & new culinary creations –

Broadcast Coffee Sales and Marketing Manager Timothy Graham says he’s always wanted to work somewhere where the staff values customers beyond their presence at the register — a place where “people care about you before you walk in and after you leave.” According to Graham, independently-owned Broadcast Coffee perfectly fits the bill. Making everyone feel welcome is simply part of the culture, he explains.

Broadcast emphasizes mutual respect within the company, and, consequently this extends into the community, too.

“If the staff is not stoked,” says Graham, “You’re never going to be successful.” Just read the company’s “About” page to learn how owner Barry Faught aims to “spread love through great coffee and hospitality.”

This philosophy is clearly important to both Graham and Chef Lane Bestold, who was recently brought on to launch a “sexy, fresh food program,” based out of the airy, light-filled S. Jackson Street cafe. The community response seems to show the team is doing something right. Bestold, who has been in the food industry for 10-plus years says that, of anywhere he’s worked, this cafe seems to have the most loyal neighborhood base.

Graham, who is also a part-time musician and music producer, explains that “coffee is cool, but easy.” At Broadcast, they’ve been wanting to “graduate up” for awhile now. Adapting during these COVID-19 times offered the perfect opportunity to get creative with culinary offerings.

The main goal of this new project based at their Central District cafe?

“A fine dining experience, done in a more humble environment,” says Graham, “while also letting the chef do it in his own way.” He started testing the demand for a food program early in the pandemic; the need was clearly there, so they brought in Bestold, whom Graham fully trusts to create a menu and run with it. “Now we want to figure out how others can come in and experience that too.”

Bestold’s seasonal creations, which will rotate regularly, are available from the grab-and-go cases at all three locations. He will also sprinkle in special additions at the Jackson location – a bright space with skylights, great air flow and a tiny patio out back. Other items for sale range from hand sanitizer to beautiful bags of Broadcast’s flavorful coffee.

“It’s nice to take everything I’ve learned from so many places and cook the way I eat,” Bestold comments. While we were there, he was busy working on an aromatic tomato- and nectarine-based sauce for his spin on shakshuka (a version that’s easy to take away and also displays some PNW flair).

Next up: a colorful potato salad chock full of pickled and fermented goodness, plus granola for one of their most delicious offerings: Sweet berry rice porridge with quinoa granola, coconut milk and blueberries. Other summer menu items have included crunchy salads with a tahini-based dressing and rice pints topped with hearty greens, caramelized onion, date sriracha and pickled red egg.

“I want everything people eat to yell at you—in a good way,” Bestold says, adding, “Veggies are the most beautiful and difficult thing to cook.”

He loves supporting local farms by getting fresh produce from PCC or visiting venues like the Columbia City Farmers Market every Wednesday.

Graham wants Broadcast to offer an experience that is both enjoyable and efficient.

“In these times people want to be able to make fewer stops and get more out of one visit.” And although the food program has been slowly building momentum, Bestold admits that, in light of all that’s going on in the world, “It’s been weird to take up too much space on social media.”

Yet loyal patrons seem to be discovering — and delighting in — the cafe’s newest offerings all the same, as they continue to soak up the consistently warm welcome found inside Broadcast’s light-filled space.