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Cooking food is an art form that we in Idaho Falls love to appreciate. One of the best ways to enhance your culinary experience is by visiting one of many local restaurants. Appreciate the detailed attention and complexity of flavors artistically arranged by our variety of chefs at just a sample of the talented establishments listed below:

The SnakeBite Restaurant 

Classic dishes like house salads and burgers come with a taste you will crave long after your first visit. The restaurant is beloved by both tourists and locals alike with its prime location at the center of Historic Downtown. 

401 Park Ave // 208-525-2522

Facebook: The SnakeBite Restaurant

Copper Rill Restaurant

Are you ready to experiment with a symphony of tastes that will make your mouth ring with joy? Located near the falls, Copper Rill Restaurant is the perfect spot to try those dishes you’ve never dared to taste before, such as rendered duck breast or baked haddock topped with a lobster mango salsa. 

415 River Pkwy // 208-529-5800

Sandpiper Restaurant

Fine dining on the Snake River is an experience you can’t pass up during your time living in Idaho Falls. Fresh seafood will make you feel like you’re on the beach rather than inland Idaho. Also be sure to check out Sandpiper’s signature steaks accompanied by mouth-watering sides.

750 Lindsay Blvd // 208-524-3344

Mackenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub

Located in Snake River Landing, Mackenzie River delivers pizzas and American dishes, ranging from tacos to an artfully prepared chorizo meatball skillet. The restaurant’s range of bar foods make it the perfect place to gather with friends and family.

1490 Milligan Rd // 208-932-2987

Jakers Bar and Grill

Seared tuna, prime rib or lobster alfredo. Jakers has all of the fixings to satisfy the desires of your heart – or stomach as the case may be. Or if you’re passing through on a chilly winter day, try one of their made-from-scratch soups, including the best Lobster Bisque in town.

851 Lindsay Blvd // 208-524-5240

The Celt

Every town needs an Irish Pub. Gather at this local haunt right off Broadway for a good time filled with drinks and delicious food. A decadent slice of Bailey’s cheesecake will fill not only yourself, but whoever you choose to share it with. 

398 W Broadway St // 208-881-5128

Arugula Deli

This local deli is known especially for its fresh ingredients and healthy recipes. Quinoa salads and sandwiches loaded with greens abound. Tucked away just outside of downtown, you’ll find yourself gravitating frequently to this restaurant located in the O.E. Bell Building. 

261 Walnut St // 208-656-7784

Diablas Kitchen

Once located downtown, you can now find Diablas Kitchen at the West Bank directly across from the falls. This large location provides a host of classics and healthy options with a seasonal rotating menu. Attend Sunday brunch for a meal that will have you singing praises to the chef. 

525 River Pkwy // 208-522-1510

Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill 

Explore this brewery right across the falls. Order authentic sushi from their Wasabi Sushi

Bar and pair your meal with the right brew for an eye-opening culinary experience. Other popular menu items include the grill’s salads, sandwiches and burgers. 

455 River Pkwy // 208-557-0455

Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant

Taco Tuesday at Jalisco’s is a must. Get your classic favorites like tacos, fajitas, burritos and enchiladas or put your taste buds to the test by experimenting with an unfamiliar dish. Either way you’ll always find something to love at this local Mexican restaurant. 

325 River Parkway // 208-612-0102

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