Shareable recipes for socially distant gatherings, including empanadas, slab pies and quesadillas – The Washington Post

Pork and Green Bean Empanadas, above. This recipe, from Chicago-based chef Stephanie Izard, makes use of store-bought pie dough to speed up the process. The filling is easy to adjust, too: Use whatever spices and hot sauce you have on hand.

Aloo Tikki (Inside Out Samosas). Get all the flavors of a samosa in this easy-to-make patty-like pancake. Gingery and fragrant with garam masala, they can be eaten out of hand, make a satisfying snack with a dipping sauce or can be folded into a wrap for a quick sandwich.

Tortilla Egg Wraps. This smart recipe, from Netflix star and cookbook author Nadiya Hussain, spins a wrap and an omelet into one neat package. The best part? They’re easily adaptable: Fold in any quick-cooking vegetable, cheese or even cooked or cured meat; use your favorite spice blend or seasoning salt; and have your go-to hot sauce or chutney ready for dipping. Though the wraps are best fresh off the pan, they freeze well and reheat easily.

Swiss Chard and Cheese Empanadas. Full of deep flavors, from greens, caramelized onions and a dash of Pernod, these empanadas are just as good hot out of the oven as they are at room temperature.

Curried Chicken Slab Pie. This recipe works as a slab pie, fit for a crowd or as individual turnovers, perfect for passing out. Coconut milk adds creaminess to the spiced filling, which is dense with tender chicken and fragrant vegetables.

Muffin Tin Deep-Dish Pizza. Ideal for kids, this recipe is also fun for adults. A simple dough crisps up in individual muffin tins, making way for layers of sauce and cheese, which turns molten in the oven.

Carrot Cake Muffins. Like a cross between a muffin and a cupcake, these individual carrot cakes get just a smidgen of cream cheese frosting, meaning they’re easier to eat, package and share.