7 grain bowl and salad recipes that make desk lunch something to look forward to – The Washington Post

One of those is the grain bowl, or salad. It’s the kind of meal that lots of us, in what we now refer to as “the before times,” might have run out to grab at a neighborhood fast-casual. Not nearly as many of those trips are happening these days, but there are plenty of reasons you should consider replicating the experience at home. Whole grains offer nutrition and a hearty canvas for your choice of vegetables and meats, plus a flavor-packed dressing you can use as much or as little of as you want.

If this sounds like the kind of meal you’re after, take a look at these options from our archives. Feel free to mix and match elements from multiple recipes to build your ideal bowl.

Grain Bowls With Cucumber-Dill Sauce. Chewy farro serves as the base for this warm grain bowl featuring chickpeas and a tzatziki-esque sauce. The recipe comes from our Plant-Powered newsletter, which you can sign up for at any time, free.