Culinary Arts: Langoustine Ravioles | By Cédric Bourassin – Hospitality Net

Hailing from the head table of the embassy, the new chef at the Berceau des Sens, Cédric Bourassin, has acquired a unique experience which he shares with our students and customers in our gourmet restaurant.

Today he shares with us one of his staple seafood recipes for you to try at home and delight your guests.


For the ravioli dough

  • 250g of flour
  • 160g of egg yolks
  • 25g olive oil
  • 10g white balsamic vinegar
  • 3g of salt

For the lobster bisque

  • 1 kilo of langoustine or lobster heads
  • 160g of butter
  • 80g of muscovado sugar
  • A zest of lemon and orange
  • 45 minutes simmering time

For the jelly

  • 300g of bisque for 3g of agar-agar

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