Got new kitchen gadgets for the holidays? Here are the recipes you should use them for first – New York Daily News

If your holidays look anything like ours, there are no new video game systems, bottles of perfume or Apple Watches unwrapped on Christmas morning. Instead, if you’re lucky, Santa delivered new kitchen gadgets and accessories. Stockings are stuffed with meat thermometers and artisanal spices, and there are new Dutch ovens, iced coffee makers and blenders beneath the tree. Despite the excitement, sometimes present paralysis can strike, and those new goodies end up sitting in the box for days or even months. Are you not sure where to start with your new air fryer, Instant Pot or slow cooker? Don’t know what the heck to serve on that good lookin’ rustic charcuterie board? Here is a list of 15 of the top kitchen gadget gifts for the holiday season from old school to modern and the absolute best first things to make using them. Happy cooking!

(Carolyn Menyes, The Daily Meal)