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At Sebusco, we provide financing for business growth. We finance the entire life cycle of companies, from start-up and early stages, to established and mature companies.
In this case we see the options and financing alternatives for SMEs.

Sources and types of financing PYMES

Our teams of business managers are experts in financing businesses like yours and offer you a Multiproduct Line that provides a practical and flexible financing solution perfectly adapted to your case. You can finance purchases and sales, obtain direct financing through loans, and the necessary guarantees to submit a tender through guarantees. In the financing of sales, in addition to the commercial discount, you can anticipate invoices of national and international clients. In the financing of purchases, we place at your disposal both the National Confirmation and the Import Factoring, to facilitate relations with your suppliers. And you can request both bid and execution endorsements. We can also structure other products that your company proposes. In addition to current financing, we can structure different long-term operations such as renting (for the purchase of new machinery) and rent back (to obtain liquidity with the guarantee of the assets).

In many cases, SMEs are hampered when it comes to obtaining financing without endorsement, given that for many entities it is not enough that the situation of the company is favorable, that is, that it does not have any type of insolvency or non-payment, requesting a guarantee or endorsement to grant the financing.
However, it is possible to obtain financing without endorsement, in Sebusco we do not analyze your company, so we do not require any type of guarantee or consideration when carrying out a financing operation.

Financing lines for SMEs

Within the group of companies that encompasses SMEs, you can establish a segment based on different parameters, such as the number of employees, billing … etc
Considering, in general, SMEs to those companies that do not exceed 250 workers.
So we can segment by establishing the following categories:

  • Microempresa: Those that have less than 10 workers.
  • Small company: The one that counts between 10 and 50 workers.
  • Mediana company: That which has between 50 and 250 workers.

Depending on the size of the SME, you will be able to access some or other of the available financing lines, since in general, you can find financing lines for recently established SMEs and others for solid SMEs that seek to develop and grow.
Influencing, also, the size of the company in the access to the financing and the concession of it.

Non-bank alternative financing for SMEs

Non-bank alternative financing for SMEs

SMEs, nowadays and every day more, are aware of the importance of having different ways to finance themselves, considering that diversifying is an intelligent option to be taken into account, within the available options, it is vital to have a company with extensive experience and track record that can accompany and advise them in the processes and multiple financing needs.

Why count on Sebusco to finance your SME?

The Multiproduct Line is flexible, allowing you to choose the product or products that best suit your needs and without additional costs.
We have offices throughout the national territory, equipped with managers of companies specialized in offering adapted and customized solutions to each company.
We build long-term relationships with our clients that help us better understand their needs. So much so, that on many occasions, before starting to work with a new client, they take our company reports very much into account.
In each province there is a typology of specialized company more in one sector of activity than in another, so having managers of specialized companies by geographical area and being present in the area, is essential to understand the regional needs of each company and thus provide our best service
We provide both national and international solutions, since our exporting clients are facilitated to collect their sales through International Factoring. And also to those who buy out their raw materials, we can provide them with a credit rating and guarantee their suppliers the payment for the operation.

How SMEs are financed in Spain

A few years ago accessing financing became an arduous task for Spanish SMEs, with multiple obstacles to achieve it and, therefore, supposing a brake on their growth and development. With this experience, SMEs have recognized the importance of having multiple financial providers, therefore, the way of financing has varied from years ago.

Currently, SMEs are increasingly aware of diversifying their sources of funding, with different partners so that access to financing does not compromise their operation and progress.

I am looking for financing for my project

I am looking for financing for my project

In the life cycle of a company, new projects are emerging quite frequently, this being a sign of the proper functioning of the same, however, the company does not always have the necessary liquidity to carry out these new projects with enough probability will bring a great added value to the company, in these cases, companies should see the possibilities they have to get the financial resources necessary to carry them out. A good option for these cases is Sebusco’s investment loans, which are aimed at companies interested in investing in new machinery, it is not necessary a long process and also does not add.

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