Immediate loans: get loans and loans immediately

Fast or immediate loan

When we talk about immediate loans, we refer to that wide range of non-traditional loans, which can be requested more easily and faster than usual.

The indispensable requirement, of course, to be able to define a fast or immediate loan is that a very short period of time will elapse from the moment of the request to the date of actual crediting of the requested sum.

Due to its characteristics, the immediate loan can be found mostly online, that is, it is not easily found at a physical counter of a bank or at a financial agency.
In fact, thanks to a very streamlined intermediation structure, the web makes it possible to reduce many of the average costs and times of an ordinary loan, making the loans on average less expensive and faster in the delivery.

Obviously, despite the fact that various types of funding are advertised as immediate, in the sense of being credited within a few hours of the request, these are only very rare cases and represent an exception, rather than the norm.

The timing of the disbursement of the so-called immediate loans is almost never less than two to three days from the date of the request and as long as the applicant has promptly transmitted all the necessary documentation and does not have spots in his credit history.

Therefore, at the time the request is sent, it is always advisable to attach all the required documents, such as the tax code, an identity document, the last pay slip (single model for self-employed or freelance workers and pension slip for pensioners), any other guarantees requested.

These loans are of a personal nature, in the sense that they must not be motivated at the time of their request and generally the rate of disbursement is inversely proportional to the maximum amounts that can be requested, in the sense that it is unlikely that loans of a few thousand will be granted over a few days of euros, although in theory there are also several for tens of thousands of euros.

Therefore, immediate loans generally provide amounts up to 5 thousand euros (the limit is purely indicative), delivery times of 2-3 days, although faster solutions are possible and do not require motivation.