Loan installment calculation: duration and interest rate


Installment loan

Installment loan

The calculation of the installment of the loan aims to highlight the monthly expense to which those who access a loan from the Postal service Italy group are exposed. These loans, in fact, provide for the repayment of capital to take place within a period established by the contract (the duration of the loan), accompanied by the recognition of an interest rate on the disbursed capital. The total sum must be repaid in installments, which often have a monthly frequency, but which can also be bimonthly or wider. In general, however, this operation makes it possible to understand precisely not only how to calculate the loan installment and, therefore, how much will have to be repaid overall (capital plus interest), but also how much the installment will weigh on our balance sheet each month.

The quickest way to calculate the amount of your loan with Fostal bank is to use one of the many online calculators available on the internet. These are websites specialized in this kind of financial calculations or services made available by portals that deal with financing and comparison of loans. You can use these instruments for Fostal bank loans in the same way compared to loan calculations made by any other bank. In fact, although Fostal bank is a branch of the larger Poste Italiana group, its loans behave in the same way as banking ones.

To perform the calculation, you need some very simple information to find about the loan you intend to request. For example, you might be interested in Fostal bank Loan, with which you can request up to € 30,000, with a duration of between 12 and 84 months. Precisely this information is the most important: any calculator will in fact request the sum received and the duration of the loan. A classic case of Fostal bank Loan could therefore concern a loan of 20,000 euros to be repaid in 36 months. Enter these two data in the appropriate spaces on the online calculation form.

The other information to keep on hand is the interest rate. Pay attention to what kind of rates are required: the TAN, the nominal annual rate, or the APR, the annual percentage rate, which also includes the cost of opening the loan and is therefore higher than the TAN. Finally, the frequency of the installments could also be requested.

Once you have entered this information, the possibility of performing a simulation of the Fostal bank Loan installment will provide you with a very clear answer to your monthly expense for repayment of the loan.