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In the case of a civil servant loan, old loans are rescheduled and bundled in a new loan. The advantage of doing so is that only one loan installment needs to be paid to a creditor. See

The Civil Service Loan may be funded through a Civil Service Loan, which is awarded to civil servants, civil servants and academics.

To repay a civil service loan – the rescheduling

In general, civil service loans are not tied to a specific purpose. The loan amount can be used as you wish. Think of a renovation of the property, a new car, a new kitchen or other purchases. An official loan has the advantage that the borrower can choose a long term. In addition, he can count on favorable and constant interest rates.

Therefore, a civil service loan is also used to reschedule current loans. For example, installment loans, car loans. Since the official can expect very low interest rates, it is definitely worth the replacement of the expensive credit line. The interest on the credit line is very high, so it should only be used at short notice.

Since civil servants have a secure and stable job, from which sufficient and regularly incoming income comes from, straight officials are very welcome at banks.

To reclassify the official loan – the debt rescheduling

State servants with their good credit ratings benefit from favorable interest rates, which is why rescheduling can pay off. Thus, a rescheduling that is made on time, replace expensive liabilities with a cheap official loan.

For example, officials who repost a civil servant loan have a better overview of their debts, and in many cases even a significant saving can be made on the bottom line. Also, the financial plan security is improved and important repayments are not forgotten so easily. With a rescheduling on a public sector loan with a favorable interest rate, costs can be saved.

Total credit costs are falling and civil servants can save. Nevertheless, with a free credit comparison, the different providers should be compared. The civil service loan can not be used completely freely, it may even create a debt restructuring obligation.

Anyone who receives a civil servant loan must repay all loans that are secured by salary assignments. Exceptions are the earmarked loans such as a real estate loan or a car loan.

The Civil Service loan – the application for a loan

The Civil Service Loan can be called a bargain among loans. Not only attractive interest rates can be expected, also the flexibility can be seen. For example, a civil servant’s loan with a three-month notice period and no prepayment penalty can be repaid prematurely.

In addition, just the official loan is suitable for larger purchases with high loan amounts. The repayment of the loan can be provided as desired with small installments. Officials should be aware that civil servants’ credit is only available to civil servants, probationary officials and public employees.

The good creditworthiness that comes from a secure job and adequate income, reward banks with good terms. Officers are also good for high loan amounts. With a long term of 15 years and much more. The civil service loan can also be covered by a life insurance policy.

During the repayment period, low rates are incurred. In the end, a large one-time payment will be due, which is paid out of the maturity of the life insurance. For example, civil servants only pay interest and life insurance premiums during their term.

Reposting the civil servant’s loan – is a rescheduling worthwhile?

Rescheduling a loan can be quite expensive after a comprehensive audit. The reason is reflected in the interest rate development. Since there is currently an absolute low interest rate, rescheduling can certainly be worthwhile. If favorable conditions and favorable interest rates are offered, rescheduling can be considered.

Nevertheless, a rescheduling should be planned carefully, because a rescheduling pays off not always. Savings can only be made when loan offers are compared. Not only should the interest rate be in focus.

Also important are the rate and the duration. The official loan is one of the cheapest loans ever that the financial market offers. Banks provide best conditions due to the collateral provided by the borrower. The official loan repayment can be used in the case of a credit line or real estate loan. These loans are usually expensive.

But if they are replaced with a civil service loan, the borrower can save a lot. But even a small loan that was concluded with unfavorable conditions, can be rescheduled with a civil service loan.

Reschedule the Civil Service Loan – the Benefit of Rescheduling

Reschedule the Civil Service Loan - the Benefit of Rescheduling

The official loan or civil service loan is an integral part of the German financial market. He is one of the cheapest types of financing. The official loan is a loan that has different conditions.

So it can be used as the classic installment loan as well as a loan with a life insurance. Debt rescheduling is usually carried out when considerably cheaper interest rates are to be expected. Only then does a rescheduling seem sensible and replace the old loan. The then lower credit costs then create two benefits.

Once, borrowers can benefit from a low monthly rate, which creates extra free space. On the other hand, you can increase the repayment and the monthly rate remains unchanged.

As a result, the loan is repaid faster, the borrower is faster debt-free. Officials benefit most from their good credit rating and the low interest rates they provide. Nevertheless, an interest rate comparison should be sought so that there are no disadvantages in the new financing.

The civil servant loan re-debt – the cost of debt restructuring

The civil servant loan re-debt - the cost of debt restructuring

As with any other financing synonymous, should first be the comparison of conditions in the center. It should compare the interest and contractual terms of the old loan or the old loan with the conditions that come from the new provider. The tied interest rate and the annual percentage rate should be the focal point.

The effective interest rate has combined the processing and administration fees. Especially an online loan offers itself for a rescheduling, as here particularly low processing costs are estimated. Many providers even charge no more fees.

Attention should be paid to civil servants as to whether there is a prepayment penalty in the event of debt rescheduling. In any case, the height should be checked.

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