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Who doesn’t love innovative, new technology? When it comes to the latest and greatest, Steve Greenberg always has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening. As host of the YouTube Gadget Game Show “What the Heck Is That?” he is clearly the expert and we checked in with him today as he discussed the following:

-The Peril Protect System, which could be your best defense against a very costly water leak:

-The gimbOWL PRO, which holds your phone and rotates 360-degrees as it tracks your movements during a shoot:

-The ChargeCard™ by AquaVault, a credit-card-size Portable Charger that is so small and thin, it fits in your wallet:

-The Qoobo Petit which purrs like a cat, reacts to sounds, and even has a realistic heartbeat:

Work Wonnies, the world’s first and only, one-piece business/leisure apparel combo:

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